Which Class is Right for You?

Core strength and true balance benefits us all,  no matter your age or level of physical activity.   Below are descriptions of classes and private training sessions offered and the apparatus used during your time at Trails Within. Strengthening through lengthening exercises from the inside out will develop a strong an upright posture, confidence and athletic edge. 

Class Descriptions 

Learn the Reformer

An instructional session to learn the basics of the Reformer.  During this thirty minute session, you will learn how to adjust the apparatus and move safely so you will be able to stay within the flow of a class.  Some exercises will be completed, and there is no charge for this first session.  

Reformer 1

Ann-Marie will take you through the basic reformer exercises, paying close attention to alignment.  This class will focus on the foundation principles of Pilates; breath, concentration, center, control, precision and flow.  This is a beginner/intermediate class where your true powerhouse (core) will be engaged while working the whole body.  This session is one hour.

Athletic Reformer…A Favorite!

The Athletic Reformer class will concentrate on functional, full body movements while building strength and improving posture and coordination.  Props will be used to enhance the workout.  This class is great for athletes of all ages and for those looking for a challenge.  Student athletes will truly benefit from this session.  A slow/deliberate paced class and intense! This session is one hour.

 Mat with Props

 A mat based class utilizing props such as the Togu Ball, Pilates Arc, weighted hand balls and rollers.  This class will focus on glutes, posterior shoulder girdle and everything in between.  Everyone can join, and modifications can be made.   Attention to alignment, form and breath will be the focus. 

Gentle/Restorative Mat

This class is a nice mix of classic and gentle movements.  Myofascial release work will also be completed with the extra long firm rollers specifically designed for Pilates.  A class for everyone! 

Miscellaneous Offerings Pilates Tools

Private Training Sessions

These private sessions can be station based, working on the Reformer, Motr, Pilates Bodhi Suspension system and the Arc. These sessions are a great way to familiarize yourself with Pilates equipment, while getting that extra personal attention.  They are also great for the Athlete training in a particular sport and the pre-and postnatal client. Below are descriptions of the apparatus used during your private training session.  


Toolbox Offerings

Classic Pilates apparatus that consists of a carriage that moves back and forth along tracks within a beautiful wooden frame.  Sessions on the Reformer work all planes of your body leaving you with that long, strong, confident feeling.


This is a fun way to create balance and strength.  The Motr is a portable exercise system that holds pulleys within a roller to create a great full body workout.  Following some core integration and stabilization work, myofascial release can be accomplished with the roller itself.  This is a great piece of Pilates equipment!

The Pilates Bodhi Suspension System

Four possible suspension points with two independent ropes which provide muscle engagement and proper alignment for the shoulders and hips.  Because each rope holds its own handles and loops for both hands and feet, there is no need to re-adjust during sessions.  By having two separate rope systems, your shoulder girdle remains in correct alignment by simply placing the tops of the ropes shoulder width apart before you begin.  The Bodhi is great for balance and a favorite for back extensions and stretching.