About Trails Within


Trails Within is a beautiful Pilates studio located in Killington, VT at the base of the ski and bike trails inside the Mountain Green Resort. The room is appointed with Pilates equipment and apparatus from Movement Specialists out of California.

Ann-Marie Stearns
Ann-Marie Stearns
Trails Within’s mission is for every client to leave the studio feeling physically and mentally restored through sessions focused on precision and control.

Every body is different, and there is more than one way to complete an exercise in order to achieve your goals. Trails Within recognizes that through small class sizes and private individual sessions.

Growing up in Marblehead MA, I was surrounded by fitness studios. At 16, my love for cycling and exercise classes began when I would ride to my job as the babysitter in the daycare room at a local fitness facility. When not babysitting, I was allowed to attend the aerobics classes and workout in the weight room for free! I loved the core-based classes. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was finally asked to teach some classes while one of the instructors went on vacation. I sort of became an aerobics maniac! The first class I taught I was so nervous I thought I would be sick. A few classes later, the nerves subsided, and they offered me a job instructing, and paid for me to earn a Personal Trainer Certificate. I continued teaching through college and help out in the Nautilus equipment room.

About Trails Within PilatesThroughout my twenties, I taught at a few different Fitness Studios concentrating on choreographed Core/Strength classes (basically Pilates), as well as the “Step” class. At 28, I moved to Vermont, where my Husband and I started a family. I made the decision to stay at home to raise our children. During this time, I rediscovered my love for cycling, and began racing competitively in triathlons. I began to excel in triathlons, and raced as a top age group athlete for about 12 years. Cycling was my favorite! Climbing the gaps of Vermont on my bike, and daily Pilates workouts certainly gave me that edge I needed. I am confident it also played a little role in me receiving that coveted “Queen of the Mountain” title (the polka-dot jersey) in a couple of bike races! Excessive cycling can do a job on your back, even with a good bike fit! I credit my Pilates for holding me together in those long races. Pilates exercises for my posterior shoulder girdle and back extensors helped hold me up straight for the long run after jumping off the bike.

With my youngest son a Junior in High School, and my older children working…one a Ski Patroller, the other a Snow Maker at Killington, I felt it was time for me to teach others what I have learned through Pilates. Pilates is for everyone, at any age. It builds strength throughout your core and helps with balance (glutes and Posterior shoulder girdle included). It also builds confidence from that noticeably tall, upright posture you will develop. High school athletes can benefit from Pilates too by keeping their backs strong through simple exercise, and they can continue through adulthood. I look forward to meeting lots of great people, and help them keep their trails within strong!


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