About Trails Within


Trails Within is a Pilates studio located in Mendon, VT on the corner of U.S. Rt 4 and Townline Road. A Convenient location between Rutland and Killington.   The room is appointed with Pilates equipment and apparatus from Movement Specialists out of California.

Ann-Marie Stearns
Ann-Marie Stearns

Every body is different, and there is more than one way to complete an exercise in order to achieve your goals. Trails Within recognizes that through small class sessions.

The practice of Pilates focuses on engaging the mind and body together in order to complete exercises that include the whole person.  Pilates is performed with attention to breath, proper form and alignment and efficient movement patterns.  While practicing Pilates, you will learn how to move better and the benefits are felt in everyday life.  Those that practice Pilates range from top athletes, the recently injured, pre-and postnatal clients and those simply looking to improve their quality of life.  A Pilates instructor understands and trains functional whole body movements.  Sessions will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility while giving you confidence from that noticeably long and tall posture.  Pilates can help prevent injuries and improve sports performance.

About Trails Within Pilates

At Trails Within, clients can enjoy a gentle, wellness approach to a deep most inner core athletic class on the reformer focusing on power and strength.  

About Ann-Marie….

After many years of racing competitively in Triathlons and raising three great kids, Ann-Marie decided to go back to where her fitness journey began…Pilates.   Throughout her twenties, Personal Training and Pilates were not just a job, but a lifestyle she lived by.  While still practicing Pilates on her own the past several years, it was time for Ann-Marie to take that leap and fulfil her dream – opening a Pilates studio of her own.  Training with Balanced Body Education for Pilates has allowed her to be the best she could be while training with some of the best instructors in the business. Becoming an Integrated Movement Specialist for Pilates requires many hours of training and hard work.  Class time, observation, self-practice and testing have all been part of Ann-Marie’s review and preparation.  

Having an athletic and Personal Trainer background, Ann-Marie is able to bring those skills into the Pilates Practice for a more well-rounded and balanced experience at the studio. Attending future trainings and workshops is something she looks forward too, and will attend any she can.

Outside of the Pilates/Trainer world, Ann-Marie enjoys trail running and hiking with her dogs, as well as gardening.  The island of St. John, U.S.V.I. holds a special place in her heart, with many memories of snorkeling and exploring trails with her family. 


Integrated Movement Specialist for Pilates

AFPA Mat and Anatomy, Reformer, Pilates for the Athlete, Motr-balance and functional training, Bodhi Suspension system for Pilates, Movement and Anatomy (Balanced Body), Pilates for the Pre-and Postnatal client and Pilates for Scoliosis.